Alaska Fruits and Berries is a family-run "backyard" nursery in Chugiak, Alaska, that specializes in fruit, berry, and perennial plants for Alaska growers. We are open by appointment only May-September of each year.

We started our little operation in the summer of 2015 selling a few currant, Nanking cherry, strawberry, and lilac plants. Every year since we've expanded our selection with many more Alaska-hardy plants.

Additionally, we are trialing new varieties we hope to be offering soon. We are increasingly propagating our own plant stock from Alaska plants, ensuring that our plants are truly tough enough for Alaska. We are currently offering apple, raspberry, currant, kiwi, sour cherry, and gooseberry varieties that have been propagated and grown entirely here in Alaska.

Finally, all of our container-grown plants are grown using fully organic principles. We use no pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, or any chemical fertilizers. We want our plants to thrive in Alaska without any chemicals!

Feel free to contact us for more information!


-Erik Johnson

Owner, Alaska Fruits and Berries