We are a small, backyard nursery located in Chugiak, Alaska specializing in edible and perennial Alaska-hardy plants.

6/11/2022 Update:

The Arctic kiwis are ready for their forever homes! You need a male and female plant to get fruit. (One male can pollinate multiple females, which are the ones that produce kiwis). Kiwis ripen in August and are extremely hardy. You will need a fence, trellis, or arbor for these vines. Most of our plants have been propagated and overwintered here in Alaska. 


"What else do you got?"

If you come to visit our nursery, don't forget to ask "What else do you got?" We have a handful of other items each year (like apple and cherry trees) that we do not propagate in sufficient quantities to list on the website.

Can't find what you're looking for here?

Consider asking at the local nurseries listed below! These guys also specialize in Alaska-hardy fruits and berries. Thanks for supporting small local nurseries!


Northern Fruits (Palmer)  

Phone: (907) 745-1070


Fire Apple Orchard (Big Lake)

Phone: (907) 373-6317


Alaska Berries (Kenai Pennisula)